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  • When I'm 64

    Posted on December 07 2018

    The following article by Tom DeVesto, Como Audio's founder & designer, originally appeared on the front page of Neil Young Archives' NYA Times-Contrarian on November 30th, 2018.   Como Audio's Tom...

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  • WCVB Boston's Channel 5

    Posted on December 04 2018

    On Friday, November 30th, a segment on Como Audio aired during the Cutting Edge section of WCVB Channel 5's news. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here!...

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  • Favorite Scary Movies - Top 10

    Posted on October 30 2018

    As part of Como Audio’s 2018 Halloween Contest awarding a free piano black Solo music system to one lucky winner, we asked folks to write in their favorite scary movie....

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  • Amazon Prime Music

    Posted on September 25 2018

    Amazon Prime Music Now Available on Musica! We’re very excited to announce our newest streaming feature NOW AVAILABLE on Musica: AMAZON PRIME MUSIC! The software update for this feature has...

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  • Celebrating 2 Years

    Posted on September 19 2018

    Happy Birthday Solo and Duetto! Two years ago we began shipping our first two models, Solo and Duetto. Though we were a small company and not well-known, we felt strongly...

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  • 5 Essential Spotify Playlists

    Posted on September 14 2018

    At Como Audio, we’re big fans of music. Our systems are designed to produce the highest quality sound, so hearing your favorite song becomes an experience like no other. While...

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  • Whole House Music

    Posted on September 05 2018

    Your Whole House Music Solution Whether you want to listen to your favorite music in one room or all rooms, we have a simple solution. Our Three Room Music System...

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  • Multi-Room Groups

    Posted on April 09 2018

    The versatility of our Como Audio music systems is one of their greatest assets. To put it simply, these products can do a lot. Listening options include traditional FM Radio,...

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  • Introducing Amica

    Posted on April 04 2018

    When we first launched Como Audio with our inaugural products, Solo and Duetto, there were two requests that we heard repeatedly. The first was for a companion speaker for Solo,...

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  • Daylight Savings

    Posted on March 09 2018

      < The clocks will be springing ahead one hour on Sunday, March 11th thanks to Daylight Savings. We wanted to show you how easy it is to adjust the...

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  • Hotel Radio

    Posted on February 27 2018

    Como Audio's latest project is designed to make your stay just a little more comfortable. As of this month, we've partnered with two of the most renowned hotels in the...

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  • Tom Talks Como Audio

    Posted on February 08 2018

    Tom DeVesto kicked off 2018 with a few exclusive interviews to talk all things Como Audio. First, he sat down with Haute Living to discuss the future of the audio...

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  • DeVesto In Amsterdam

    Posted on February 05 2018

    Tom DeVesto took a recent trip to Amsterdam to visit some of the latest Como Audio distributors. While in town, he made a stop at BNR Radio, one of the...

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  • CES 2018

    Posted on February 03 2018

    Last month, Como Audio made their 2nd annual pilgrimage to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The yearly tech display is always exciting, as creators and innovators from around...

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  • Como Audio's News Hub

    Posted on February 01 2018

    Two years ago, in February of 2016, Como Audio was born. A year after leaving his previous company and waiting out a non-compete, audio pioneer and Hall of Fame member...

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