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5 Essential Spotify Playlists

Posted on September 14 2018

At Como Audio, we’re big fans of music. Our systems are designed to produce the highest quality sound, so hearing your favorite song becomes an experience like no other.

While Como Audio smart speakers come with many listening options – including Bluetooth, Internet Radio, and FM Radio – one of the most popular is Spotify Connect. Spotify is integrated directly into our systems, so you can stream your playlists at the touch of a button. While a Spotify premium account is required to connect to a Como Audio system, it’s a worthy investment, as you’ll have access to thousands of tracks from all around the world. You can even test run a free trial of Spotify premium here. If you need help setting up your Spotify, check out our How To Videos on Connecting To Spotify and Accessing Spotify Features.

If you’re new to Spotify and wondering where to start listening, we recommend checking out some of their curated playlists. There are dozens of great playlists under the “Browse” section, and you can search by genres & moods or new releases to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you find a Spotify playlist that you like, you can save it to one of the preset buttons on your Como Audio music system. Per Spotify, the playlist will always start from the beginning when recalled from a preset button. 

Interested in some recommendations? Here are 5 of our personal favorite playlists.

Jazz Vibes
If you own a Como Audio system or are familiar with our founder, Tom DeVesto, you know about our love for Jazz. Radio Swiss Jazz is one of the preset stations hand-selected by Tom that comes pre-programmed with every Como Audio system. The Jazz Vibes playlist includes some of the world’s most brilliant musicians and is consistently updated so you’ll always be able to find new music. It sounds especially great in stereo separation played on our Ambiente Bundle.

Soft Rock

This playlist covers a lot of ground. It’s described as including “the great masterpieces of the genre”, which sounds accurate to us considering there are tracks from The Beatles, U2, Bruce Springsteen, and dozens of others. The Soft Rock playlist is the perfect soundtrack for a weekend afternoon or an evening spent with close friends. Almost everyone will know the words to these crowd-pleasers.

Productive Morning
Sure, this playlist doesn’t have the wildest name, but sometimes you just need to get stuff done. The Como Audio office can be a busy place, and the Productive Morning playlist is one of our most popular choices for background music while we work with Tom on the latest projects. It’s filled with songs that will keep you moving without pulling focus from the task at hand.

Americana Roadtrip

Fans of our portable music system, Amico, may be interested in Americana Roadtrip: a playlist for travelers and journeymen of the open road. With distinguished artists from the worlds of Country, Folk, and Americana, the serene pieces of music highlighting this playlist will make you feel the breeze on your face no matter where you’re listening from.

Boogie Nights

In our current era of nostalgia, an old school party is the best kind of party. Get your guests moving with this playlist that Spotify describes as a combination of “uplifting funk, soul, boogie, and disco.” If you’re looking to be the host with the most, check out our Three Room Music System bundle, which allows you to keep the party going all throughout your house.

Let us know what you think of these playlists and share your favorites with us as well!

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