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Introducing Amica

Posted on April 04 2018

When we first launched Como Audio with our inaugural products, Solo and Duetto, there were two requests that we heard repeatedly. The first was for a companion speaker for Solo, for people who wanted stereo separation. The second was for a portable music system, one that could run on battery power and be taken anywhere. Since it’s always been our goal to create the perfect listening experience for our customers, we set out to bring both these ideas to fruition.

First came Ambiente, a companion speaker to Solo. The two come together as the perfect pair, creating a stereo sound option for Solo owners. Ambiente’s 12’ cord also allowed for stereo separation, as the units could be placed on opposite sides of the room and remain connected.

Last year, during our Kickstarter campaign, we launched Amico: our very first portable music system. Amico shares many similarities with Solo, including its single speaker, but is also adapted for movability. With the ability to play for 8 hours on a full battery and a water-resistant finish, Amico is the perfect speaker to take with you anywhere.

The obvious question came next. Could a similar companion speaker be created for Amico, so that even those who wanted a portable option could enjoy stereo sound?

Today, we’re introducing Amica, a new companion speaker for Amico that makes this possible. Amica needs no power source of its own. If Amico is charged, the two can come together to create a completely portable music system with stereo sound. We’ve also extended the Amica cord to 15’ in order to create maximum flexibility in where the speakers can be placed.

Amica arrives just in time for summer, and allows listeners the option to take their music anywhere from the beach to the family barbeque. We’ve always aimed to offer as many ways to enjoy the music as possible, and we’re happy to welcome Amica into the Como Audio family. Click here to order yours today.

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