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Multi-Room Groups

Posted on April 09 2018

The versatility of our Como Audio music systems is one of their greatest assets. To put it simply, these products can do a lot. Listening options include traditional FM Radio, over 30,000 stations of free Internet Radio, Bluetooth, and Spotify Connect. Connections, though varying by model, include auxiliary, USB, and optical inputs. There are also tons of helpful features, including two alarms, presets for saving your favorite stations, and an adjustable EQ profile.

We know having this many options can be overwhelming, but our goal is for customers to get the most out of their Como Audio music systems. To help, we’ve created a series of How-To videos, which we’ve designed to make the listening experience as simple as possible. Each video walks our listeners through a different function, whether it be the initial set-up process, connecting to Spotify, or searching for Internet Radio stations.

In the latest How-To video, our Vice President of Product Development, Peter Skiera, shows you how to create multi-room groups via the Como Control App. One of the coolest things about our music systems is that they connect via Wi-Fi, and you can stream audio from one to others around the house. With Musica, you can even stream a CD to your other Como Audio speakers.

Once you download the free Como Control App for iPhone or Android, creating multi-room groups is easy. Watch the video below to see a full demonstration, or continue reading for step by step instructions.

To Create Multi-Room Groups:

  1. First, make sure your smart phone is on the same wireless network as your Como Audio music systems. Then, when you open the Como Control App, you should see a list of all the music systems in your home.

  1. Decide which music system you’d like to be the master. This unit will stream playback to other speakers in the group. Once you’ve decided, hit the + icon shown to the right of your selected music system.
  1. Next, the Group Setup menu will pop up. Here you will see the other music system options you have for sharing. Select all the units you would like the master to send playback to. There is a maximum of 5 units allowed in a group. When you are finished customizing, hit Done in the top right corner.

  1. Your group will now show in the home screen of the Como Control App. You can select this group to choose your listening source and stream music all around your home.

See more of our How-To videos on our website or on our YouTube Playlist.

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