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WCVB Boston's Channel 5

Posted on December 04 2018

On Friday, November 30th, a segment on Como Audio aired during the Cutting Edge section of WCVB Channel 5's news. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here!

WCVB's Mike Wankum was actually visiting the Como Audio offices for the second time. He first came to do a segment during our very early days, which aired on channel 5's Chronicle. 

Tom DeVesto, Como Audio's founder and designer, spoke to Mike about how much the company has grown in the past two years. It was also an opportunity to show off our more recent music systems, including Amico, our portable model, and Musica, our top line model which includes a CD player. "It's got great sound coming out of such a little box," Mike Wankum remarks at the end of the segment, a compliment we've heard from many customers.

While Mike was visiting the office, we also previewed some new projects Como Audio will unveil in 2019. In the segment, you can see a prototype of a Bluetooth turntable that will communicate with other Como Audio music systems. We're also working on a software update to enable some of our current models to be voice controlled by Amazon Alexa. 

"I've realized I still have this passion to bring music to people in efficient ways, in ways that they find enjoyable and that last for a long time, so I keep doing it," Tom says in the interview. After more than 40 years in the audio business, Tom's designs are still as strong in style and quality as ever.

Como Audio General Manager Peter Skiera with WCVB's Mike Wankum.

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