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Como Audio's News Hub

Posted on February 01 2018

Two years ago, in February of 2016, Como Audio was born. A year after leaving his previous company and waiting out a non-compete, audio pioneer and Hall of Fame member Tom DeVesto sought out the next adventure in an already legendary career. His mission was simple: to bring people user-friendly music systems with true hi-fidelity sound that could be operated without the use of a smartphone.

After an initial design process, Como Audio’s first two smart speakers, Solo and Duetto, launched on Kickstarter in the summer of 2016. A year later, two new products were also launched through crowdfunding: Amico, our first portable model, and Musica, which includes a single-slot CD player. Between the two campaigns, over 1,500 backers supported Como Audio music systems on Kickstarter, and brought exceptional sound quality into their homes.

Over the past two years, we’ve had a lot of exciting news to share with you. We’ve grown the Como Audio brand to an international level, adding our products to stores all over the world. Tom has received high praise for his latest venture, including the honor of being named CTA’s Small Business Executive of the Year. We’ve shown off our music systems around the country, from CES in Las Vegas to the Luxury Tech Show in New York.

In honor of our second birthday and two years of your phenomenal support, we’ve created the Como Audio News Hub where all our content will be curated just for you. Stop by to see everything we’ve been up to, including recent photos, interesting articles, instructional videos, and of course, music recommendations. Como Audio is still at the beginning of our journey, and we look forward to sharing with you all the exciting things to come.

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