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Whole House Music

Posted on September 05 2018

Your Whole House Music Solution
Whether you want to listen to your favorite music in one room or all rooms, we have a simple solution. Our Three Room Music System includes 3 one-touch, hi-fidelity music systems to enjoy wherever you choose in your home. Our music systems provide endless music sources including integrated streaming services, Internet Radio, Bluetooth, CD’s and more. 

How It Works
Each Como Audio model can group to others in the Como Audio family. Up to 5 music systems can be included in a group, and the same audio can be streamed to each, so that no matter where you go in your home, you can hear your favorite song. Groups are created in the Como Control App, which is available for iOS and Android. Through the app, you can choose which of your music systems to stream from, which to stream to, and what source you’re listening to. Groups can also be easily deleted if you need to use each music system independently. To make setting up your Whole House System easy, we've created a video with step by step instructions


What’s Included
We know our customers love music, so we’ve created a bundle that makes it easy to obtain the ideal listening experience. This bundle includes one Musica system and two Solo systems, and is priced at $999. Purchasing a Whole House System saves $200 off the combined total of the systems' individual prices.

With the most streaming services plus the ability to share CD audio with other systems, Musica acts as the centerpiece of the bundle. The other units can be placed in different rooms to spread the music around the house. For example, with the Musica in your living room, one Solo in your kitchen, and another Solo in the bedroom, each room gets the right amount of sound. The music systems can also be used independently for separate use in each room. 

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