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Posted on February 15 2018

As an audio pioneer and tech visionary, Tom DeVesto is always looking towards the future. When considering partners for Como Audio, he wanted someone with the same philosophy. b8ta, a tech retailer based out of San Francisco, is far from your average department store. Instead of tucked away in boxes, products are on display, and customers are encouraged to pick them up and try them out. Next to each product is an iPad containing more information. The showroom is full of unique gadgets from every corner of the tech world, giving consumers a one of a kind shopping experience.

When Como Audio first partnered with b8ta in December of 2016, they had only three stores, but have grown rapidly over the last two years. With 9 locations of their own as well as a partnership that places them within many Lowes stores around the country, b8ta is proving that their retail model is representative of the future. They’ve launched a web store to keep up with the online shopping craze, but for the true tech lover who wants to take breakthrough products for a test run, the in store discovery at b8ta is unmatched.

During our Kickstarter campaign for Amico, we worked with b8ta to launch the first ever Como Audio tour. Together, we brought Amico around the country, stopping at different b8ta stores and showing off our latest smart speaker to customers. At that time, the portable music system was still in development, so Kickstarter backers who came out to the b8ta stores were the very first to see Amico in person. Only two start-ups like b8ta and Como Audio, with a common love for bringing people new and exciting gear, could develop this kind of interactive experience.

Como Audio’s Solo and Duetto are currently on display in 4 b8ta stores, including their recent New York City location which resides in Macy’s Herald Square on 7th Avenue. For more information on b8ta, check out their website here.

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