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Introducing SpeakEasy

Posted on May 01 2018

Introducing SpeakEasy by Como Audio with the Google Assistant built-in. Designed for those who want to enjoy the highest quality sound in music, the ability to control compatible devices throughout the home, and manage everyday tasks – all with the simplicity of voice command technology.  

SpeakEasy is designed to play music with a ¾” soft dome tweeter, 3” custom, dual voice coil woofer, and custom DSP equalization result in great high-fidelity sound, reproducing your favorite music as it should be heard. The rear port further enhances low bass frequencies while conveniently doubling as a carry handle.  A 25 watt per channel Class D digital amplifier supplies plenty of volume, while a nearly ½” thick MDF cabinet holds everything together.

It is made with a robust cabinet wrapped in a real walnut or hickory wood veneer or high gloss, multi-layered piano black or white finishes. The top and front panels and knobs are anodized aluminum and the speaker grilles are painted aluminum. Outside of the LED display and sensor, no plastic is used on the baffle.

Should your Wi-Fi network become temporarily unavailable, or if you wish to access a source not available through WiFi, Bluetooth is on-board to provide a CD-quality, wireless, stereo streaming alternative. It has a visual display of time and alarm function. It is powered by a 100-240V external adapter and an optional battery pack for portability. 

A high-fidelity stereo system can be created when SpeakEasy is connected to the optional, wired, dedicated right channel speaker for authentic, two-channel stereo for greater imaging and a broader soundstage.

SpeakEasy has the ability to wirelessly link with other Como Audio Music Systems to create whole house, multi-room streaming. This is great news for our existing Como Audio customers.  Simply connect Google Chromecast Audio devices (not included) to other units and ask SpeakyEasy with the Google Assistant to play your favorite music in one room or throughout all rooms in your home. 

Tom DeVesto started Como Audio with the single goal of creating beautiful music systems that allow simple and easy access to the myriad of music content available to today’s music enthusiast. SpeakEasy takes this simplicity to the next level.


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