August 9, 2019

“My Favorites” is back!

When were forced to change Internet radio station aggregators we were left without the “My Favorites” feature. This popular feature allowed users to store an almost unlimited number of Internet radio stations to the “My Favorites” list in their Como Audio music system(s). If you have stored stations or sources to all of your preset buttons, “My Favorites” is a way to store additional Internet stations without having to go through the station search process. Since this feature was not supported by the new aggregator, we had to literally re-build it from scratch. After testing and debugging, it is now available to all of our customers via a new station portal.

There is also one great new feature which was not supported by the previous station aggregator…the ability to instantly enter a station’s URL directly on your Como Audio model if it is not in the station data base, rather than have to open a ticket and wait days or more for the station to be added.

We are very excited about these features and we thank you for your patience, support, and understanding as we worked to bring them to you as soon as we could. Of course, if you experience a problem or have a question, please get in touch with us:

Below I have tried to lay out the instructions as straight forward as possible along with accompanying screen shots. It might look intimidating, but the process is really not that difficult and is well worth doing to take advantage of these features (and like before, it is free). Please at least give it a try before making any final judgment. Also, once you register, you can quickly and easily save playing Internet stations to My Favorites with a simple, brief press of your remote’s Play/Pause key (no need to log into the portal each time).

I hope these new features provide you with yet another avenue to enjoy the music.

There are several steps to follow to take advantage of Favorites and add URLs:

  1. Using your computer, go to:
  2. Select the “Manage Favorites” blue button:
Above: Click on “Manage Favorites”.

3. Select “Sign Up” after “Don’t have an account?” to sign up for Frontier Nuvola (if you already have a Frontier Nuvola account then sign in using those credentials). Alternatively, you can sign up using your existing Facebook or Google account credentials if you prefer:

Above: Click on “Sign up”, or if you already have a Frontier Nuvola account, enter those credentials, or sign up using your Facebook or Google account credentials.
Above: If you selected “Sign up”, you’ll need to enter your full name, email address, a password, and agree to the terms. Keep a record of this information so you can log in again to the portal anytime.
  1. After you sign up you will be sent a confirmation email within a few minutes. Please monitor your Spam folder in case the confirmation email gets caught in your spam filter. You need to select the “Confirm” button in the email and you will then be directed to the new Frontier portal. If you signed up using your Facebook or Google account information you will not receive a confirmation email, but will instead be directed to the new portal immediately.
  2. You must associate a Como Audio model in order for the features to work. You must enter an access code and name your model. To get your access code, in Internet radio mode on your Como Audio model, press and hold the remote’s menu key (round Play/Pause key), select “Station list”, select “My Favorites”, and you will be presented with an access code to enter in the portal. This information can also be found under “Help” in the same “Station list” menu. You also must name your Como Audio model such as “Home”, “Work”, “Bedroom”, etc., then select the green “Connect Device” at the bottom.
Above: Enter your Como Audio model’s access code described in step 5 and give your model a name.
Your custom access code can be found under “My Favorites” or under “Help”, both in the “Station list” menu of your Como Audio model. The code shown above has been edited for privacy.

6. You will then be shown an overview and be asked to Connect the Device.

7. Once connected, you have two ways to save stations to My Favorites. If you are in the portal right now, you can select the “Stations” tab toward the top and enter the name of the station you want to save as a Favorite, then select “Search”:

Above: Search for Internet stations you wish to save as Favorites

8. A list of stations will be presented that closely match the station name you entered. Locate the station you want to be a Favorite and select the green heart icon on the right to save that station as a Favorite.

9. Select the box for “Shared Favorites” and select the green “Save” button at the bottom. This step is muy importante. If you do not select “Shared Favorites” the station will not show in the list.

In Internet radio mode, go into the “Station list” menu in your Como Audio model and select “My Favorites” at the top. The newly saved station appears and you can select it to tune that station. Repeat this process to store additional stations to “My Favorites”.

Above: Select “My Favorites” in the “Station list” menu.
Above: Saved favorite stations will be displayed alphabetically in the “My Favorites” list. Highlight the station you wish to listen to and select it to play.
  1. To remove a saved station you must log into the portal and select the trash can icon to the right of the station you wish to remove and it will be instantly deleted.
  2. The other method to save stations to My Favorites is to briefly press the remote control’s Play/Pause key while tuned to the Internet station. A splash screen will confirm the saved station. This feature will not work if you have not registered with the portal even though you will still see the confirmation message.


  1. If there is an Internet station or podcast not found in the data base that you wish to add, or you are a paid subscriber to a specific radio stream, you need the exact station/podcast URL. Select the blue “Personal Stream” tab and the green “+ Personal Stream” button:
Above: Select the “Personal Streams” tab and “+ Personal Streams”.

Assign the station your own title, then paste the station/podcast URL into the field. Select “Shared Favorites” and “Save Personal Stream” at the bottom. The “Title” will be how the station appears in the “My Favorites” list, so you should either use the station’s name for the Title, or something else to easily identify it such as “My Favorites Jazz Station”.

Above: Assign a name to the station, enter the station’s URL, select “Shared Favorites”, and then select “Save Personal Stream” toward the bottom.

3. If the stream can be accessed (its audio codec must be supported: MP3, AAC, ASF, AND DASH) it will appear in your Como Audio model under “Station list” > “My Favorites”. The station/podcast should also appear under “My Added Stations” in the same “Station list” menu. Once the station is playing you can save it to one of the front panel preset buttons for faster access if you wish.

HELP- my station has fallen and it can’t get up!

If you encounter a problem with any station, such as a station that won’t connect or play, be it a Favorite, Personal stream, or a station in the data base, click on “Help” in the top right of the portal, scroll all the way down, and then select “Submit a Ticket” to have the problem investigated.

Above: Select “Help” and then scroll all the way down to open a ticket to report a problem.

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