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Three Room Music System

Total Value: $1,197.00
Price: $1,249.00

Piano White
Piano Black
Walnut - Out Of Stock
*Solo in Walnut + Musica in Walnut are temporarily out of stock due to delays in our supply chain. All other finishes remain available.

Enjoy your favorite music throughout your home with Multi-Room streaming

Our Three Room Music System includes Musica plus two Solo's to fill your home with your favorite music. Place Musica in the living room, Solo in the bedroom, and another in your kitchen, or anywhere you want to enjoy your music.

Musica was an easy choice to include with Solo in our Three Room Music System. It has all the features of our other smart speakers, plus adds a single, slot-load CD player so you can enjoy endless music sources plus your favorite CD's throughout your home.

Solo is our most popular smart speaker music system. It's beautiful compact design suits any room in your home. With two Solos as part of our Three Room Music System along with Musica you can enjoy amazing sound with a plethora of music sources throughout your home.

Stream music from your CD's, FM, TV and Music Services like Spotify and Amazon Music.

Why Choose Como Audio?

  • Stream a source to all three systems, even CDs
  • Improve the sound of your TV
  • Connect your Amazon Voice Assistant or Google Chromecast for audio
  • Play music with one push of a button
  • FREE Shipping in USA
  • RISK FREE two-month in-home trial
  • Listen to FM or Bluetooth if Wifi is out
  • Two-year warranty and free tech support
  • Remote and free iOS/Android apps

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