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Software Update History

About our Updates

Como Audio issues free software updates as we deem necessary. All updates are sent via WiFi so there is no need to download any files or connect your Solo or Duetto to a computer. Updates may add a new feature, improve an existing feature, fix a bug, etc. Unless you have changed the preference in the System settings menu, your Solo or Duetto will automatically notify you whenever a new software update is available (this is the factory default setting). You can also manually check for new updates any time by pressing and holding the Menu knob to get into the Menu > System settings > Software update > Check now.

It is very important you do not disconnect the power to your Solo or Duetto while a software update is in progress or this could permanently damage your unit.


Como Audio Software Update History

Issue date:             Software Rev #:                                                

03.30.2017              1A20


-   Improvement: Added new “Ultra low” backlight settings for use in a dark room.

-   Improvement: Simplified Daylight savings time selection.

-   Improvement: Increased time until alarm back-up buzzer kicks in from 30 to 50 seconds.

-   Improvement: Added additional German language translations.


01.05.2017              1A18


-   Fix: Eliminated the intermittent audio during buffering stage after connecting to Spotify Connect. 

-   Improvement: Automatically issue a reconnect signal if an Internet Station remains on "Connecting/Loading" for more than 45 seconds.


12.02.2016              1A17


-   New: Removed the “Wlan region” in the Setup Wizard. The region will now set automatically during set up but can be changed manually in the Network menu if necessary.

-   New: Added an “Off” option under “Dim level” in the Backlight Menu to turn the backlight off in standby when a Timeout value is chosen.

-   New: Added support for Internet radio stations streaming in the AAC codec.


10.07.2016              1A16


-   Bug fix: Music file playback from a USB flash drive or a computer will no longer auto repeat after 60 seconds. 

-   Improvement: Reduces or eliminates buffering sound when changing tracks with Spotify Connect. Buffer sound still present with first track.


09.30.2016              1A15


-   In Internet radio mode, changed the remote control operation such that a brief press of the Play/Pause key adds the tuned station to Favorites, while a long press calls up the Menu.

-   Removed the unnecessary bottom white line in the menu pages.

-   Added a “System reboot” option in the Menu under System settings. When selected, this will reboot the unit without deleting Presets or other customized settings like a Factory reset will.

-   Enabled the “[Back]” option at the bottom of the System settings menu page in Internet radio and Music player modes.

-   A connection signal will be resent if the tuned Internet station is still connecting after 60 seconds.